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[klahy-tel-uh m] /klaɪˈtɛl əm/

noun, plural clitella
[klahy-tel-uh] /klaɪˈtɛl ə/ (Show IPA)
a ring or saddle-shaped region of glandular tissue in the body wall of certain annelids, as earthworms and some leeches, that after copulation secretes a cocoon in which the eggs and sperm are deposited for fertilization and development.
noun (pl) -la (-lə)
a thickened saddle-like region of epidermis in earthworms and leeches whose secretions bind copulating worms together and later form a cocoon around the eggs

“raised band around an earthworm,” 1816, Modern Latin, from Latin clitellae “a pack-saddle,” diminutive of *clitra “litter,” from PIE *klei-tro-, from root *klei- (see lean (v.)). Related: Clitellar.


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