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[klohk-uh n-dag-er] /ˈkloʊk ənˈdæg ər/

pertaining to, characteristic of, or dealing in espionage or intrigue, especially of a romantic or dramatic kind.
(modifier) characteristic of or concerned with intrigue and espionage


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  • Cloak-and-suiter

    [klohk-uh n-soo-ter] /ˈkloʊk ənˈsu tər/ noun, Informal. 1. a manufacturer or seller of clothing.

  • Cloak-and-sword

    [klohk-uh n-sawrd] /ˈkloʊk ənˈsɔrd/ adjective 1. (of a drama or work of fiction) dealing with characters who wear cloaks and swords; concerned with the customs and romance of the nobility in bygone times.

  • Cloak-fern

    noun 1. a type of fern, genus Notholaena, found in dry, rocky areas of temperate and tropical America, often used as an ornamental.

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    [klohk-room, -roo m] /ˈkloʊkˌrum, -ˌrʊm/ noun 1. a room in which outer garments, hats, umbrellas, etc., may be left temporarily, as in a club, restaurant, etc.; checkroom. 2. a room adjacent to a legislative chamber or legislative room, where legislators may leave their coats, relax, or engage in informal conversation. 3. British. /ˈkləʊkˌruːm; -ˌrʊm/ noun […]

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