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See closed caption


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  • Closed-captioned

    [klohzd-kap-shuh nd] /ˈkloʊzdˈkæp ʃənd/ adjective 1. (of a television program) broadcast with captions, as for the hearing-impaired, that are visible only with the use of a decoder attached to the television set. adjective 1. (of a video recording) having subtitles which appear on screen only if the cassette is played through a special decoder

  • Closed-captioning

    noun a system to display a transcription of the audio portion of a television program as it occurs, either verbatim or in edited form; also closed caption Examples When my husband is reading, I watch television with closed-captioning. Word Origin 1974

  • Closed-chain

    noun, Chemistry. 1. three or more atoms linked together to form a ring or cycle and represented accordingly by its structural formula. noun 1. (chem) another name for ring1 (sense 18) closed chain (klōsd) An arrangement of atoms of the same type that forms a ring. Benzene and naphthalene are closed-chain compounds.

  • Closed chain compound

    closed chain compound n. See cyclic compound.

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