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Closed cycle

(engineering) a heat engine in which the working substance is continuously circulated and does not need replenishment


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  • Closed-door

    [klohzd-dawr, -dohr] /ˈkloʊzdˈdɔr, -ˈdoʊr/ adjective 1. held in strict privacy; not open to the press or the public: a closed-door strategy meeting of banking executives. adjective 1. private; barred to members of the public: a closed-door meeting

  • Closed dislocation

    closed dislocation n. A dislocation not complicated by an external wound. Also called simple dislocation.

  • Closed drainage

    closed drainage n. The use of a water- or air-tight system to drain a body cavity.

  • Closed-ecosystem

    noun, Ecology. 1. a self-replenishing ecosystem in which life can be maintained without external factors or outside aid. An ecosystem in which no materials can leave or enter but through which energy from external sources can flow. Note: The Earth is a closed ecosystem.

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