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Closed game

(chess) a relatively complex game involving closed ranks and files and permitting only nontactical positional manoeuvring Compare open game


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  • Closed-gentian

    noun 1. a gentian, Gentiana andrewsii, of the eastern and central U.S., having tight clusters of dark blue, closed flowers.

  • Closed head injury

    closed head injury n. A head injury in which the scalp and mucous membranes remain unbroken.

  • Closed hospital

    closed hospital n. A hospital in which only physicians who are members of the attending and consulting staff may admit and treat patients.

  • Closed interval

    noun 1. (maths) an interval on the real line including its end points, as [0, 1], the set of reals between and including 0 and 1 closed interval A set of numbers consisting of all the numbers between a pair of given numbers and including the endpoints.

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