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noun, Surveying.
a traverse ending at its point of origin.


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  • Closed-union

    noun 1. a labor union in which admission of new members is restricted by rigid requirements.

  • Closed-universe

    noun 1. (in cosmology) a hypothetical expanding universe that contains sufficient matter to reverse the observed expansion through its gravitational contraction. closed universe A model of the universe in which the curvature of space is roughly spherical, entailing that the universe has finite size. An object moving in a straight line in a closed universe […]

  • Close encounter

    noun a purported observation of an unidentified flying object or extraterrestrial being(s)

  • Closefisted

    [klohs-fis-tid] /ˈkloʊsˈfɪs tɪd/ adjective 1. stingy; miserly; tight.

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