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[kloh-th ing] /ˈkloʊ ðɪŋ/

garments collectively; ; raiment; apparel.
a covering.
[klohth] /kloʊð/
verb (used with object), clothed or clad, clothing.
to dress; attire.
to provide with .
to cover with or as with .
garments collectively
something that covers or clothes
verb (transitive) clothes, clothing, clothed, clad
to dress or attire (a person)
to provide with clothing or covering
to conceal or disguise
to endow or invest

c.1200, “action of dressing in clothes,” verbal noun from clothe. From late 13c. as “clothes collectively;” 1590s as an adjective.

Old English claðian, from claþ (see cloth). Related: Clothed, clothing. Other Old English words for this were scrydan and gewædian.
see: wolf in sheep’s clothing


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