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a covering of clouds over all or part of the sky.
the fraction of sky covered by clouds.


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  • Cloud-cuckoo-land

    [kloud-koo-koo-land, -koo k-oo-] /ˈklaʊdˌku kuˌlænd, -ˌkʊk u-/ noun 1. an idealized, illusory domain of imagination; cloudland: the cloud-cuckoo-land of technicolor cartoon whimsy. /ˈklaʊdˌlænd/ noun 1. a realm of fantasy, dreams, or impractical notions

  • Cloud-ear

    noun 1. a thin, blackish edible mushroom, Auricularia polytricha, used especially in Chinese cookery.

  • Clouded

    [klou-did] /ˈklaʊ dɪd/ adjective 1. confused; muddled; disordered: a mind clouded by sorrow. 2. covered with or as if with . [kloud] /klaʊd/ noun 1. a visible collection of particles of water or ice suspended in the air, usually at an elevation above the earth’s surface. 2. any similar mass, especially of smoke or dust. […]

  • Clouded-leopard

    noun 1. a medium-sized wild cat, Felis nebulosa, with brownish-gray fur spotted or striped with black, native to southeastern Asia and Indonesia: an endangered species.

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