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See fogbow.


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  • Cloudburst

    [kloud-burst] /ˈklaʊdˌbɜrst/ noun 1. a sudden and very heavy rainfall. /ˈklaʊdˌbɜːst/ noun 1. a heavy downpour n. also cloud-burst, 1817, American English, from cloud (n.) + burst (n.). Parallels German Wolkenbruch.

  • Cloud-buster

    noun A very, very high fly ball (1950s+ Baseball)

  • Cloud-cap

    noun, Meteorology. 1. . noun 1. a stationary cloud directly above an isolated mountain peak. Compare , . 2. (def 3).

  • Cloud-capped

    [kloud-kapt] /ˈklaʊdˌkæpt/ adjective 1. surrounded at the top by clouds: cloud-capped mountains.

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