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[kloud-skeyp] /ˈklaʊdˌskeɪp/

a view or scene of clouds.
a depiction of clouds in a work of art or photograph.
a picturesque formation of clouds
a picture or photograph of such a formation


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  • Cloudware

    [kloud-wair] /ˈklaʊdˌwɛər/ noun, Digital Technology. 1. software that runs and is accessed on remote Internet servers rather than on local servers or personal computers; Web-based applications and services.

  • Cloud-seeding

    noun 1. any technique of adding material to a cloud to alter its natural development, usually to increase or obtain precipitation. cloud seeding A method of making a cloud give up its moisture as rain, especially by releasing particles of dry ice or silver iodide into cold clouds. Dry ice freezes water droplets in the […]

  • Cloudy

    [klou-dee] /ˈklaʊ di/ adjective, cloudier, cloudiest. 1. full of or overcast by : a cloudy sky. 2. having little or no sunshine: a cloudy but rainless day. 3. of or like a or ; pertaining to . 4. having cloudlike markings: cloudy marble. 5. not clear or transparent: He could not see through the cloudy […]

  • Cloudy swelling

    cloudy swelling cloud·y swelling (klou’dē) n. A degenerative change in cells, in which the cells swell due to injury to the membranes affecting ionic transfer, causing the cytoplasm to appear cloudy and water to accumulate between cells, with resultant swelling of tissues. Also called albuminoid degeneration, hydropic degeneration, parenchymatous degeneration.

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