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Club drugs

Drugs that are widely used and easily available at teen dance club parties known as raves.


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  • Clubface

    [kluhb-feys] /ˈklʌbˌfeɪs/ noun 1. the striking surface of the head of a golf club.

  • Club fed

    noun phrase A minimum-security federal prison: Set on 42 campus-like acres, Club Fed had neither walls nor armed guards [1980s+; after Club Med, trademark name of a chain of holiday resorts]

  • Club-fighter

    noun, Boxing. 1. a prizefighter who fights regularly at local boxing clubs, but who is not nationally known or regarded as having the ability or skill to win a division championship.

  • Clubfoot

    [kluhb-foo t] /ˈklʌbˌfʊt/ noun, plural clubfeet for 1. 1. a congenitally deformed or distorted . 2. the condition of having such a ; talipes. 3. Also called club. Nautical. a short boom for fastening to the of a jib. clubfoot club·foot (klŭb’fut’) n. A congenital deformity of the foot, usually characterized by a curled shape […]

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