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[kluhb-hous] /ˈklʌbˌhaʊs/

noun, plural clubhouses
[kluhb-hou-ziz] /ˈklʌbˌhaʊ zɪz/ (Show IPA)
a building or room occupied by a .
a building or area used for social or recreational activities by occupants of an apartment complex, institution, etc.
an athletic team’s dressing room.
the premises of a sports or other club, esp a golf club

also clubhouse, “place of meeting and refreshment always open to those who sre members of the club,” 1818, from club (n.) in the associative sense + house (n.). Clubhouse lawyer is baseball slang by 1940s.


Having to do with routine and sometimes shady urban partisan politics: Dinkins, 62, is a classic clubhouse politician (1960s+)


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  • Clubhouse lawyer

    noun phrase A baseball player who is a prominent self-appointed authority on the game and its regulations, and who generously instructs his associates (1940s+ Baseball)

  • Clubhouse sandwich

    noun 1. another name for club sandwich

  • Clubland

    /ˈklʌbˌlænd/ noun 1. (in Britain) the area of London around St James’s, which contains most of the famous London clubs

  • Club line

    noun 1. (printing) See orphan (sense 3)

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