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[kluhng-kee] /ˈklʌŋ ki/

adjective, clunkier, clunkiest. Informal.
awkwardly heavy or clumsy:
clunky metal jewelry; clunky shoes.
adjective clunkier, clunkiest
making a clunking noise
(informal) ponderously ungraceful or unsophisticated: clunky boots
awkward or unsophisticated: then you guffaw at clunky dialogue

“blocky, ungraceful,” by 1968 (when it was the name of a style of women’s shoe), from clunk + -y (2). Related: Clunkily; clunkiness.


Blockish and ungraceful; stolidly unsophisticated: apair of clunkySonorabiker boots/ a clunkish magazine called Pick-Up Times/ The ads are so clunky and quaint that they transport one back to a seemingly more innocent consumer past (1970s+)


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