common missile warning system

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    graphics cyan, magenta, yellow, key. A colour model that describes each colour in terms of the quantity of each secondary colour (cyan, magenta, yellow), and “key” (black) it contains. The CMYK system is used for printing. For mixing of pigments, it is better to use the secondary colours, since they mix subtractively instead of additively. […]

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    programming A portable interactive code management system from CodeME S.A.R.L in use in the high-energy physics community. (1994-12-22)

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    Symbol, Chemistry, Physics. 1. . 1. . 1. circular note. 2. credit note. abbreviation 1. China abbreviation 1. credit note networking The country code for China. (1999-01-27) 1. Certified Nutritionist 2. cranial nerve 1. circular note 2. credit note

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