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[noun, adverb koh-op; verb koh-op, koh-op] /noun, adverb ˈkoʊ ɒp; verb ˈkoʊ ɒp, koʊˈɒp/

a cooperative store, dwelling, program, etc.
verb (used with object), co-oped or co-opped, co-oping or co-opping.
to place in a cooperative arrangement, especially to convert (an apartment or building) to a cooperative.
(of a game, especially a video game) cooperative, requiring players to work together to achieve a common objective: co-op play modes;
co-op multiplayer games.
go co-op, to convert to a cooperative:
Our apartment building is going co-op.

1861, abbreviation of cooperative. The hyphen is needed to avoid confusion with coop (n.).


: co-op prices/ coop apartment complex


A cooperative apartment house, store, etc (1870s+)


To convert an apartment or building from a rental to a cooperative unit: The old Sussex Arms got co-oped last year (1950s+)


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