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[koh-awr-dn-l] /koʊˈɔr dn l/

adjective, Biology.
belonging to the same order.


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  • Co-ordinate

    [adjective, noun koh-awr-dn-it, -dn-eyt; verb koh-awr-dn-eyt] /adjective, noun koʊˈɔr dn ɪt, -dnˌeɪt; verb koʊˈɔr dnˌeɪt/ adjective 1. of the same order or degree; equal in rank or importance. 2. involving . 3. Mathematics. using or pertaining to systems of coordinates. 4. Grammar. of the same rank in grammatical construction, as Jack and Jill in the […]

  • Coordinate-bond

    noun, Chemistry. 1. a type of covalent bond between two atoms in which the bonding electrons are supplied by one of the two atoms. noun 1. a type of covalent chemical bond in which both the shared electrons are provided by one of the atoms Also called dative bond, semipolar bond coordinate bond co·or·di·nate bond […]

  • Coordinate-clause

    noun, Grammar. 1. one of two or more clauses of equal status in a sentence, especially when joined by a coordinating conjunction, as either The sun came out or the ice started to melt in The sun came out and the ice started to melt. noun 1. one of two or more clauses in a […]

  • Coordinated-universal-time

    noun 1. Greenwich Time that is adjusted to minimize its divergence from international atomic time. Abbreviation: UTC. coordinated universal time (kō-ôr’dn-ā’tĭd) A highly accurate time scale based on time measured by an atomic clock. Because coordinated universal time is unaffected by the gradual slowing of Earth’s rotation, leap seconds are added as needed to synchronize […]

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