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[koh-ag-yuh-luh-buh l] /koʊˈæg yə lə bəl/

capable of being .

coagulable co·ag·u·la·ble (kō-āg’yə-lə-bəl)
Capable of being coagulated or clotted.


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  • Coagula

    [koh-ag-yuh-luh m] /koʊˈæg yə ləm/ noun, plural coagula [koh-ag-yuh-luh] /koʊˈæg yə lə/ (Show IPA) 1. any mass; precipitate; clump; clot. /kəʊˈæɡjʊləm/ noun (pl) -la (-lə) 1. any coagulated mass; clot; curd coagulum co·ag·u·lum (kō-āg’yə-ləm) n. pl. co·ag·u·la (-lə)

  • Coagulase

    /kəʊˈæɡjʊˌleɪz/ noun 1. any enzyme that causes coagulation of blood coagulase co·ag·u·lase (kō-āg’yə-lās’, -lāz’) n. An enzyme, such as rennin or thrombin, that induces coagulation.

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