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Coal pot

a cooking device using charcoal, consisting of a raised iron bowl and a central grid


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  • Coalsack

    [kohl-sak] /ˈkoʊlˌsæk/ noun, Astronomy. 1. a dark nebula in the southern constellation Crux, whose dust particles obscure light from Milky Way stars behind it.

  • Coal-scuttle

    noun 1. a metal bucket, usually with a lip, for holding and carrying coal. noun 1. a domestic metal container for coal

  • Coal-seam

    noun 1. a bed of coal.

  • Coal-tar

    noun 1. a thick, black, viscid liquid formed during the distillation of coal, that upon further distillation yields compounds, as benzene, anthracene, and phenol, from which are derived a large number of dyes, drugs, and other synthetic compounds, and that yields a final residuum (coal-tar pitch) which is used chiefly in making pavements. noun 1. […]

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