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[kawrs, kohrs] /kɔrs, koʊrs/

adjective, coarser, coarsest.
composed of relatively large parts or particles:
The beach had rough, coarse sand.
lacking in fineness or delicacy of texture, structure, etc.:
The stiff, coarse fabric irritated her skin.
harsh; grating.
lacking delicacy, taste, or refinement; unpolished:
He had coarse manners but an absolutely first-rate mind.
of inferior or faulty quality; common; base.
vulgar; obscene; crude:
His coarse language angered us.
(of metals) unrefined.
(of a metal file) having the maximum commercial grade of coarseness.
rough in texture, structure, etc; not fine: coarse sand
lacking refinement or taste; indelicate; vulgar: coarse jokes
of inferior quality; not pure or choice
(of a metal) not refined
(of a screw) having widely spaced threads

early 15c., cors “ordinary” (modern spelling is from late 16c.), probably adjectival use of noun cours (see course (n.)), originally referring to rough cloth for ordinary wear. Developed a sense of “rude” c.1500 and “obscene” by 1711. Perhaps related, via metathesis, to French gros, which had a similar sense development. Related: Coarsely; coarseness.


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