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a long defensive garment made of interlinked metal rings; hauberk; byrnie.
a protective garment made of linked metal rings (mail) or of overlapping metal plates; hauberk

“a corselet of scales,” a cuirass formed of pieces of metal overlapping each other, like fish-scales (1 Sam. 17:5); also (38) a corselet or garment thus encased.

the rendering of a Hebrew word meaning “glittering” (1 Sam. 17:5, 38). The same word in the plural form is translated “habergeons” in 2 Chr. 26:14 and Neh. 4:16. The “harness” (1 Kings 22:34), “breastplate” (Isa. 59:17), and “brigandine” (Jer. 46:4), were probably also corselets or coats of mail. (See ARMOUR.)


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