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[koh-bruh] /ˈkoʊ brə/

any of several highly venomous, Old World elapid snakes of the genera Naja and Ophiophagus, characterized by the ability to flatten the neck into a hoodlike form when disturbed.
any of several similar, related African snakes, as the ringhals.
leather made from the skin of a cobra.
(initial capital letter) Military. a single-engine, two-seat U.S. Army attack helicopter armed with missiles, rockets, and a 20mm cannon and in service since 1977.
[koh-bruh, kob-ruh] /ˈkoʊ brə, ˈkɒb rə/
noun, Australian.
head; skull.
any highly venomous elapid snake of the genus Naja, such as N. naja (Indian cobra), of tropical Africa and Asia. When alarmed they spread the skin of the neck region into a hood
any related snake, such as the king cobra
noun acronym
(in the UK) Cabinet Office Briefing Room A: the civil contingencies committee that leads the UK’s responses to crises such as terrorist attacks and epidemics

1802, short for cobra capello (1670s), from Portuguese cobra de capello “serpent (of the hood),” from Latin colubra “a snake, female serpent” (source of French couleuvre “adder”), of uncertain origin. So called for the expandable loose skin about its neck. The word came to English via Portuguese colonies in India, where the native name is nag (see naga).

Do you mean CORBA? Or is there a COBRA?
Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act


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