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trademark a carbonated soft drink flavoured with coca leaves, cola nuts, caramel, etc
(modifier) denoting the spread of American culture and values to other parts of the world: Coca-Cola generation

the trademarked name of a popular soft drink; also called Coke
Word Origin

‘coca’ leaves + ‘kola’ nuts, flavorings in the drink
Usage Note


invented 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S., by druggist Dr. John S. Pemberton. So called because original ingredients were derived from coca leaves and cola nuts. It contained minute amounts of cocaine until 1909.

Drink the brain tonic and intellectual soda fountain beverage Coca-Cola. [Atlanta “Evening Journal,” June 30, 1887]

Coca-colanization, also Coca-colonization coined 1950 during an attempt to ban the beverage in France, led by the communist party and the wine-growers.

France’s Communist press bristled with warnings against US “Coca-Colonization.” Coke salesmen were described as agents of the OSS and the U.S. State Department. “Tremble,” roared Vienna’s Communist Der Abend, “Coca-Cola is on the march!” [Time Magazine, 1950]

Coca-colonialism attested by 1956.


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