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[kok-oh-buh-sil-uh s] /ˌkɒk oʊ bəˈsɪl əs/

noun, plural coccobacilli
[kok-oh-buh-sil-ahy, -sil-ee] /ˌkɒk oʊ bəˈsɪl aɪ, -ˈsɪl i/ (Show IPA). Bacteriology.
a spherelike .

coccobacillus coc·co·ba·cil·lus (kŏk’ō-bə-sĭl’əs)
n. pl. coc·co·ba·cil·li (-sĭl’ī)
A short, thick bacterial rod having the shape of an oval or slightly elongated coccus.


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