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Cochlear hair cell

cochlear hair cell n.
A sensory cell in the spiral organ in synaptic contact with sensory as well as efferent fibers of the auditory nerve. Also called Corti’s cell.


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  • Cochlear-implant

    noun 1. a device consisting of microelectrodes that deliver electrical stimuli directly to the auditory nerve when surgically implanted into the cochlea, enabling a person with sensorineural deafness to hear. /ˈkɒklɪə/ noun 1. a device that stimulates the acoustic nerve in the inner ear in order to produce some form of hearing in people who […]

  • Cochlear joint

    cochlear joint n. A form of hinge joint in which the opposing articular surfaces form part of a spiral and flexion is accompanied by a certain amount of lateral movement. Also called spiral joint.

  • Cochlear labyrinth

    cochlear labyrinth n. The part of the inner ear containing the spiral organ.

  • Cochlear nerve

    cochlear nerve n. The cochlear part of the vestibulocochlear nerve peripheral to the cochlear root, composed of nerve processes with terminals on the four rows of hair cells and the bipolar neurons of the spiral ganglion. Also called auditory nerve.

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