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[kok-rohch] /ˈkɒkˌroʊtʃ/

any of numerous orthopterous insects of the family Blattidae, characterized by a flattened body, rapid movements, and nocturnal habits and including several common household pests.
any insect of the suborder Blattodea (or Blattaria), such as Blatta orientalis (oriental cockroach or black beetle): order Dictyoptera. They have an oval flattened body with long antennae and biting mouthparts and are common household pests See also German cockroach, mantis

1620s, folk etymology (as if from cock + roach) of Spanish cucaracha “chafer, beetle,” from cuca “kind of caterpillar.” Folk etymology also holds that the first element is from caca “excrement.”

A certaine India Bug, called by the Spaniards a Cacarootch, the which creeping into Chests they eat and defile with their ill-sented dung [Capt. John Smith, “Virginia,” 1624].


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