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Cocktail party effect


the difficulty of focusing one’s attention on a single auditory source within a jumble of noises; the process of selective listening

In a room where several conversations are taking place, one can focus on one of them and ignore the rest: the cocktail party effect.


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  • Cocktail-sauce

    noun 1. any of various sauces served with a seafood cocktail, typically one consisting of ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, horseradish, and seasonings.

  • Cocktail shaker sort

    algorithm A bi-directional bubble sort. Passes alternate between ascending through array indexes, pushing the largest item to the bottom; and descending through array indexes, pushing the smallest item to the top. [Performace vs plain bubble?] (2001-03-26)

  • Cocktail stick

    noun 1. a small pointed stick used for holding cherries, olives, etc, in cocktails, and for serving snacks, such as small sausages

  • Cocktail-table

    noun 1. .

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