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[kuh-koo-ning] /kəˈku nɪŋ/

the practice of spending leisure time at home, especially watching television or using a VCR.
[kuh-koon] /kəˈkun/
the silky envelope spun by the larvae of many insects, as silkworms, serving as a covering while they are in the pupal stage.
any of various similar protective coverings in nature, as the silky case in which certain spiders enclose their eggs.
a protective covering, usually consisting of polyvinyl chloride, sprayed over machinery, large guns on board ships, etc., to provide an airtight seal and prevent rust during long periods of storage.
any encompassingly protective or hermetic wrapping or enclosure resembling a cocoon:
a cocoon of gauze.
verb (used without object)
to produce a cocoon.
verb (used with object)
to wrap or enclose tightly, as if in a cocoon:
The doctor cocooned the patient in blankets.
to provide (machinery, guns, etc.) with a protective, airtight covering by spraying with polyvinyl chloride or the like.
to envelop or surround protectively; insulate:
a political leader cocooned by his staff and his bodyguards.

a protective spray covering used as a seal on machinery
a cosy warm covering
(transitive) to wrap in a cocoon

1690s, from Middle French coucon (16c., Modern French cocon), from coque “clam shell, egg shell, nut shell” (7c.), from Old French coque “shell,” from Latin coccum “berry,” from Greek kokkos “berry, seed” (see cocco-). The sense of “one’s interior comfort place” is from 1986. Also see -oon.

1986, “to stay inside and be inactive,” from coccoon (n.).

A lady with an enchanting name, Faith Popcorn, has identified a menacing new American behavior that she gives the sweet name of ‘cocooning.’ It threatens the nation’s pursuit of happiness, sometimes called the economy. [George Will, April 1987]

Related: Cocooned; cocooning.



One’s cozy home: Each morning he leaves his domestic cocoon in Rancho Palos Verdes


To stay at home, and, often, to be inactive: The couch potatoes are going to be cocooning in their families’ personal oases (1980s+)


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