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Code division multiplexing

Code Division Multiple Access


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  • Codefendant

    [koh-di-fen-duh nt] /ˌkoʊ dɪˈfɛn dənt/ noun 1. a joint . n. also co-defendant, 1640s, from co- + defendant.

  • Code-flag

    noun, Nautical. 1. a flag forming part of a signal code. 2. a flag indicating that a certain signal code is being used. 3. .

  • Code-generator generator language

    language (“seagull”) (CGGL) A machine description language based on modelling the computer as a finite-state machine. [“A Code Generator Generator Language”, M.K. Donegan et al, SIGPLAN Notices 14(8):58-64, Aug 1979]. (1994-10-24)

  • Code grinder

    jargon, abuse A suit-wearing minion of the sort hired in legion strength by banks and insurance companies in the Real World to implement payroll packages in RPG and other such unspeakable horrors. In its native habitat, the code grinder often removes the suit jacket to reveal an underplumage consisting of button-down shirt (starch optional) and […]

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