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Code management

source code management


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  • Code-napoleon

    [kawd na-paw-ley-awn] /kɔd na pɔ leɪˈɔ̃/ noun 1. the civil code of France, enacted in 1804 and officially designated in 1807. /kɔd napɔleɔ̃/ noun 1. the civil code of France, promulgated between 1804 and 1810, comprising the main body of French civil law English name Napoleonic Code

  • Code-name

    [kohd-neym] /ˈkoʊdˌneɪm/ verb (used with object), code-named, code-naming. 1. to assign a code name to. noun 1. a name assigned to conceal the real identity of a person, as a spy, or to conceal the existence or purpose of a plan, military operation, etc. 2. Also called code phrase. a word or phrase assigned a […]

  • Cod end

    noun 1. (fishing:Sea) the narrow end of a tapered trawl net

  • Code-of-hammurabi

    noun 1. a Babylonian legal code of the 18th century b.c. or earlier, instituted by Hammurabi and dealing with criminal and civil matters. noun the set of laws drawn up by Babylonian king Hammurabi dating to the 18th century BC, the earliest legal code known in its entirety

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