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[si-lan-uh-glif-ik] /sɪˌlæn əˈglɪf ɪk/

(of a carving) executed in cavo-relievo.


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    [si-len-tuh-rey-tuh] /sɪˌlɛn təˈreɪ tə/ noun 1. the phylum comprising the . Coelenterata Coe·len·ter·a·ta (sĭ-lěn’tə-rā’tə) n. A phylum of invertebrate animals including the jellyfishes, hydras, sea anemones, and corals.

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    hollow Syria, the name (not found in Scripture) given by the Greeks to the extensive valley, about 100 miles long, between the Lebanon and the Anti-Lebanon range of mountains.

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