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the buying up of the complete supply of a commodity


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  • Coen

    /kuːn/ noun 1. Jan Pieterszoon. 1587–1629, Dutch colonial administrator; governor general of the Dutch East Indies (1618–23, 1627–29)

  • Coenacle

    /ˈsɛnəkəl/ noun 1. a variant spelling of cenacle

  • Coenesthesia

    [see-nuh s-thee-zhuh, -zhee-uh, -zee-uh, sen-uh s-] /ˌsi nəsˈθi ʒə, -ʒi ə, -zi ə, ˌsɛn əs-/ noun, Psychology. 1. the aggregate of impressions arising from organic sensations that forms the basis of one’s awareness of body or bodily state, as the feeling of health, vigor, or lethargy. /ˌsiːnɪsˈθiːzɪə/ noun 1. (psychol) general awareness of one’s own […]

  • Coeno-

    1. variant of 2 : coenocyte. combining form 1. common: coenocyte word-forming element meaning “common,” Latinized from Greek koinos “common, public, shared, general, ordinary,” from PIE *kom “beside, near, by, with” (see com-). coeno- pref. Variant of ceno-.

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