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[koh-fak-ter] /ˈkoʊˌfæk tər/

Biochemistry. any of various organic or inorganic substances necessary to the function of an enzyme.

(maths) a number associated with an element in a square matrix, equal to the determinant of the matrix formed by removing the row and column in which the element appears from the given determinant See minor
(biochem) a nonprotein substance that forms a complex with certain enzymes and is essential for their activity. It may be a metal ion or a coenzyme

cofactor co·fac·tor (kō’fāk’tər)
A substance, such as a metallic iron or coenzyme, that must be associated with an enzyme for the substance to function.
A substance, such as a metallic ion or a coenzyme, that must be associated with an enzyme for the enzyme to function. Cofactors work by changing the shape of an enzyme or by actually participating in the enzymatic reaction.


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