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a low table, usually placed in front of a sofa, for holding ashtrays, snack bowls, glasses, magazines, etc.
a low table, on which newspapers, etc, may be placed and coffee served
(modifier) implying an emphasis on appearance and style over substance: coffee-table music


Read Also:

  • Coffee-spoon

    noun 1. a small spoon used with demitasse cups.

  • Coffee-table book

    [kaw-fee tey-buh l, kof-ee-] /ˈkɔ fi ˌteɪ bəl, ˈkɒf i-/ noun 1. an oversize, expensive, and usually illustrated book suitable for displaying, as on a coffee table.

  • Coffee-tree

    noun 1. any tree, as Coffea arabica, yielding coffee beans. 2. . noun 1. any of several rubiaceous trees of the genus Coffea, esp C. arabica, the seeds of which are used in the preparation of the beverage coffee 2. short for Kentucky coffee tree

  • Coffee whitener

    noun See nondairy creamer

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