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[koh-heer-uh nt, -her-] /koʊˈhɪər ənt, -ˈhɛr-/

logically connected; consistent:
a coherent argument.
having a natural or due agreement of parts; harmonious:
a coherent design.
; sticking together:
a coherent mass of sticky candies.
Physics, Optics. of or relating to waves that maintain a fixed phase relationship, as in , or light in which the electromagnetic waves maintain a fixed and predictable phase relationship with each other over a period of time.
See also .
capable of logical and consistent speech, thought, etc
logical; consistent and orderly
cohering or sticking together
(physics) (of two or more waves) having the same phase or a fixed phase difference: coherent light
(of a system of units) consisting only of units the quotient or product of any two of which yield the unit of the resultant quantity

1550s, from Middle French cohérent (16c.), from Latin cohaerentem (nominative cohaerens), present participle of cohaerere “cohere,” from com- “together” (see co-) + haerere “to stick” (see hesitation).


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