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[kwah-fyoo r; French kwa-fyr] /kwɑˈfyʊər; French kwaˈfür/

noun, plural coiffures
[kwah-fyoo rz; French kwa-fyr] /kwɑˈfyʊərz; French kwaˈfür/ (Show IPA)
a style of arranging or combing the hair.
a head covering; headdress.
verb (used with object), coiffured
[kwah-fyoo rd] /kwɑˈfyʊərd/ (Show IPA), coiffuring
[kwah-fyoo r-ing] /kwɑˈfyʊər ɪŋ/ (Show IPA)
to provide with a coiffure.
/kwɑːˈfjʊə; French kwafyr/
a hairstyle
an obsolete word for headdress
(transitive) to dress or arrange (the hair)

“style or fashion of wearing the hair,” 1630s, from French coiffure, from coiffer (see coiffeur).


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