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[koi-nij] /ˈkɔɪ nɪdʒ/

the act, process, or right of making .
the categories, types, or quantity of issued by a nation.
collectively; currency.
the act or process of inventing words; neologizing.
an invented or newly created word or phrase:
“Ecdysiast” is a coinage of H. L. Mencken.
anything made, invented, or fabricated.
coins collectively
the act of striking coins
the currency of a country
the act of inventing something, esp a word or phrase
a newly invented word, phrase, usage, etc

late 14c., “currency, money,” from Old French coignage, from coignier “to coin” (see coin (n.)). Meaning “act or proces of coining money” is from early 15c.; sense “deliberate formation of a new word” is from 1690s, from a general sense of “something invented” (c.1600).


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