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a visit or telephone call to a prospective customer without an appointment or a previous introduction.
a call made by a salesman on a potential customer without making an appointment
to call on (a potential customer) without making an appointment


: Canvassing is the equivalent of cold calls in the sales field


To make a sales call without an appointment: It’s difficult to cold-call a corporation and ask them to give you five figures up front (1970s+)


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    noun 1. money immediately available: They will accept payment in cold cash only. noun phrase Unmistakably valid money, as distinct from checks, promises, etc; Hard Cash: The place wants payment in cold cash, nothing less [1884+; fr the notion that definite and inalterable things, like gold and silver coins, are cold and hard] Also, hard […]

  • Cold-cathode

    noun, Electronics. 1. a cathode, in an electron tube (cold-cathode tube) or lamp, that emits electrons without having to be heated. noun 1. (electronics) a cathode from which electrons are emitted at ambient temperature, due to a high potential gradient at the surface

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    noun, Chiefly Northeastern U.S. 1. root cellar.

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    [kohld-chiz-uh l] /ˈkoʊldˌtʃɪz əl/ verb (used with object), cold-chiseled, cold-chiseling or (especially British) cold-chiselled, cold-chiselling. 1. to work upon (metal) with a cold chisel. noun 1. a steel chisel used on cold metal. noun 1. a toughened steel chisel

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