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Cold dark matter


in science, invisible matter consisting of massive particles with low energy, presently hypothetical
Word Origin

matter + dark ‘invisible’ + cold ‘lacking energy, slow’


Read Also:

  • Cold-deck

    noun, Cards Slang. 1. a pack with the cards in prearranged order, secretly exchanged for the one in use; stacked deck. noun phrase A dishonest deck of playing cards, usually stacked or marked (1856+) verb phrase To take advantage of someone; dishonestly assure one’s own winning; rig, stack the deck (1884+)

  • Cold-decker

    noun A swindler; cheat (1920+)

  • Cold-dis

    verb To snub; behave dismissively toward: Why did you cold-dis me at the party and leave without me? (1980s+ Teenagers)

  • Cold-draw

    [kohld-draw] /ˈkoʊldˌdrɔ/ verb (used with object), cold-drew, cold-drawn, cold-drawing. Metalworking. 1. to draw (wire, tubing, etc.) without preheating the metal.

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