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Cold sober

adjective phrase

Completely sober (1930s+)

Related Terms

stone cold sober


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  • Cold-sore

    noun 1. a vesicular eruption on the face, usually on or near the mouth, often accompanying a cold or a febrile condition; herpes simplex. noun 1. a cluster of blisters at the margin of the lips that sometimes accompanies the common cold, caused by a viral infection Technical name herpes labialis cold sore n. A […]

  • Cold-spell

    noun 1. a sudden onset of a relatively brief period of cold weather. noun 1. a sudden short spell of cold weather noun phrase A short spell of cold weather (1776+) Also, cold spell. A short period of unusually cold weather, as in The recent cold snap has threatened the crop. The first expression presumably […]

  • Cold-spot

    noun, Physiology. 1. a sensory area in the skin that responds to a decrease in temperature. noun 1. an area where house prices are stable and properties are slow to sell

  • Cold stage

    cold stage n. The stage of chill in a malarial paroxysm.

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