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a weapon made of steel, as a sword.


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  • Cold-store

    [kohld-stawr, -stohr, -stawr, -stohr] /ˈkoʊldˈstɔr, -ˈstoʊr, -ˌstɔr, -ˌstoʊr/ verb (used with object), cold-stored, cold-storing. 1. to store in cold storage. noun 1. a refrigerated compartment or building for keeping foods, furs, etc., in cold storage.

  • Coldstream

    [kohld-streem] /ˈkoʊldˌstrim/ noun 1. a town in SE Berwick, in SE Scotland, on the Tweed River. /ˈkəʊldˌstriːm/ noun 1. a town in SE Scotland, in Scottish Borders on the English border: the Coldstream Guards were formed here (1660). Pop: 1813 (2001)

  • Coldstream-guards

    noun, (used with a plural verb) 1. a guard regiment of the English royal household: formed in Coldstream, Scotland, 1659–60, and instrumental in restoring the English monarchy under Charles II.

  • Cold-sweat

    noun 1. a chill accompanied by perspiration, caused by fear, nervousness, or the like. noun 1. (informal) a bodily reaction to fear or nervousness, characterized by chill and moist skin cold sweat n. A reaction to nervousness, fear, pain, or shock, characterized by simultaneous perspiration and chill and cold moist skin. see: in a cold […]

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