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Collagen fiber

collagen fiber or collagenous fiber
An individual scleroprotein fiber composed of fibrils and usually arranged in branching bundles of indefinite length. Also called white fiber.


Read Also:

  • Collagenic

    collagenic col·la·gen·ic (kŏl’ə-jěn’ĭk) adj. Collagenous.

  • Collagen injection

    noun 1. an injection of collagen into the lip in order to give it a fuller appearance

  • Collagenosis

    collagenosis col·lag·e·no·sis (kə-lāj’ə-nō’sĭs, kŏl’ə-jə-) n. See collagen disease.

  • Collagenolytic

    collagenolytic col·lag·e·no·lyt·ic (kə-lāj’ə-nə-lĭt’ĭk, kŏl’ə-jə-nə-) adj. Relating to or having the capacity to lyse collagen, gelatin, and other proteins containing proline.

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