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Collateral fissure

collateral fissure n.
See collateral sulcus.


Read Also:

  • Collateral hyperemia

    collateral hyperemia n. Hyperemia resulting from increased blood flow through collateral channels when the flow through the main artery is arrested.

  • Collateral inheritance

    collateral inheritance n. The appearance of traits in collateral members of a family group, as when an uncle and a niece show the same trait inherited from a common ancestor.

  • Collateralize

    [kuh-lat-er-uh-lahyz] /kəˈlæt ər əˌlaɪz/ verb (used with object), collateralized, collateralizing. 1. to secure (a loan) with . 2. to pledge (property, securities, etc.) as collateral.

  • Collateral ligament

    collateral ligament n. A ligament located on either side of a hinge joint such as the knee or wrist that acts as a radius of movement for the joint.

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