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[kuh-lee-juh l, -jee-uh l; for 2 also kuh-lee-gee-uh l] /kəˈli dʒəl, -dʒi əl; for 2 also kəˈli gi əl/

of or characterized by the collective responsibility shared by each of a group of , with minimal supervision from above.
of or relating to a college
having authority or power shared among a number of people associated as colleagues

mid-14c., from Middle French collégial, from Latin collegialis, from collegium (see college). Related: Collegially; collegiality.


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  • Collegian

    [kuh-lee-juh n, -jee-uh n] /kəˈli dʒən, -dʒi ən/ noun 1. a student in, or a graduate of, a college. 2. a member of a college. /kəˈliːdʒɪən/ noun 1. a current member of a college; student n. late 14c., from college + -ian.

  • Collegiate

    [kuh-lee-jit, -jee-it] /kəˈli dʒɪt, -dʒi ɪt/ adjective 1. of or relating to a : collegiate life. 2. of, characteristic of, or intended for students: collegiate clothes; a collegiate dictionary. 3. of the nature of or constituted as a . noun 4. (in Canada) . /kəˈliːdʒɪɪt/ adjective 1. Also collegial. of or relating to a college […]

  • Collegiate-church

    noun 1. a church that is endowed for a chapter of canons, usually with a dean, and that has no bishop’s see. 2. (in the U.S.) a church or group of churches under the general management of one consistory or session. 3. a consolidation of formerly distinct churches under one or more pastors. 4. (in […]

  • Collegiate-institute

    noun 1. (in Canada) a fully accredited high school teaching academic subjects under the supervision of a provincial government. noun 1. (Canadian) (in certain provinces) a large secondary school with an academic, rather than vocational, emphasis

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