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the act of ; a coming violently into contact; crash:
the collision of two airplanes.
a clash; conflict:
a collision of purposes.
Physics. the meeting of particles or of bodies in which each exerts a force upon the other, causing the exchange of energy or momentum.
Contemporary Examples

When the collision of ideas comes from different perspectives, demographics, and mindsets, the result can be “aha.”
The U.K.’s Innovation Dream Team John Kao May 13, 2010

Any collision,” Cronkite remembered, “would probably [have] set off a chain explosion, wiping out the squadron.
The Story of the American Journalists Who Landed on D-Day Timothy M. Gay June 5, 2012

A collision over land—really over grass for food and drinking water—becomes a collision over religion and identity.
Sudan Drought Breeds Violence Eliza Griswold July 2, 2011

Leslie H. Gelb on why neither nation has thought through the consequences of a collision.
Obama’s Dangerous China Game Leslie H. Gelb January 30, 2010

The collision of politics, gender, and sexuality can be a nasty one for female candidates.
Warren Takes Credit for Occupy Wall Street Samuel P. Jacobs October 24, 2011

Historical Examples

“I hope there will be no collision between Rita and Mrs. Yeoman,” laughed Dick.
Fast as the Wind Nat Gould

Fortunately for that fellow too,’ said Tip, ‘or he and I might have come into collision.’
Little Dorrit Charles Dickens

Waves of all sizes impinge upon them, and at every collision a portion of the impinging wave is struck off.
Six Lectures on Light John Tyndall

You do not anticipate a collision because you are a brave man.
The Night Riders Ridgwell Cullum

The steersman whirled his wheel swiftly in the apparent endeavor to avert a collision.
Jim Spurling, Fisherman Albert Walter Tolman

a violent impact of moving objects; crash
the conflict of opposed ideas, wishes, attitudes, etc: a collision of interests
(physics) an event in which two or more bodies or particles come together with a resulting change of direction and, normally, energy

early 15c., from Middle French collision (15c.), from Latin collisionem (nominative collisio) “a dashing together,” noun of action from collidere (see collide).

1. When two hosts transmit on a network at once causing their packets to corrupt each other.
See collision detection.
2. hash collision.


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