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a person who talks or engages in conversation with another


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  • Collodion

    [kuh-loh-dee-uh n] /kəˈloʊ di ən/ noun 1. a yellowish, viscous, highly flammable solution of pyroxylin in ether and alcohol: used in the manufacture of photographic film, in engraving and lithography, and in medicine chiefly for cementing dressings and sealing wounds. /kəˈləʊdɪən/ noun 1. a colourless or yellow syrupy liquid that consists of a solution of […]

  • Collodion baby

    collodion baby n. An infant born with skin that is bright red, shiny, translucent, and drawn tight, giving the appearance the face is immobilized.

  • Collodion-process

    noun, Photography. 1. .

  • Collogue

    [kuh-lohg] /kəˈloʊg/ verb (used without object), collogued, colloguing. Dialect. 1. to confer secretly. 2. to plot mischief; conspire. /kɒˈləʊɡ/ verb collogues, colloguing, collogued 1. (intransitive) usually foll by with. to confer confidentially; intrigue or conspire v. 1590s (implied in colloguing) “to flatter, curry favor,” of unknown origin; perhaps from French colloque “conference, consultation” (16c., from […]

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