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[kuh-loid-l] /kəˈlɔɪd l/

adjective, Physical Chemistry.
pertaining to or of the nature of a :
colloidal gold and silver.
of, denoting, or having the character of a colloid

1861, from colloid + -al (1).


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  • Colloidal gel

    colloidal gel n. A colloid that has developed resistance to flow because of chemical or thermal change.

  • Colloidal solution

    colloidal solution n. See disperse system.

  • Colloidin

    colloidin col·loi·din (kə-loid’n) n. See colloid.

  • Collop

    [kol-uh p] /ˈkɒl əp/ noun 1. a small slice of meat, especially a small rasher of bacon. 2. a small slice, portion, or piece of anything. 3. a fold or roll of flesh on the body. /ˈkɒləp/ noun (dialect) 1. a slice of meat 2. a small piece of anything

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