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  • Colombard

    [kol-uh m-bahrd] /ˈkɒl əmˌbɑrd/ noun 1. a dry white wine, made especially in California. 2. the white grape used to make this wine. /ˈkɒləmˌbɑːd/ noun 1. a white grape grown in France, California, and Australia, used for making wine 2. any of various moderately dry, spicy white wines made from this grape

  • Colomb-bechar

    [French kaw-lawn-bey-shar] /French kɔ lɔ̃ beɪˈʃar/ noun 1. former name of . /French kɔlɔ̃beʃar/ noun 1. the former name of Béchar

  • Colombia

    [kuh-luhm-bee-uh; Spanish kaw-lawm-byah] /kəˈlʌm bi ə; Spanish kɔˈlɔm byɑ/ noun 1. a republic in NW South America. 439,828 sq. mi. (1,139,155 sq. km). Capital: Bogotá. /kəˈlɒmbɪə/ noun 1. a republic in NW South America: inhabited by Chibchas and other Indians before Spanish colonization in the 16th century; independence won by Bolívar in 1819; became the […]

  • Colombes

    [kaw-lawnb] /kɔˈlɔ̃b/ noun 1. a city in N France, NW of Paris. /French kɔlɔ̃b/ noun 1. an industrial and residential suburb of NW Paris. Pop: 76 757 (1999)

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