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[koh-luh-nos-kuh-pee] /ˌkoʊ ləˈnɒs kə pi/

noun, Medicine/Medical.
visual inspection of the interior of the colon with a flexible, lighted tube inserted through the rectum.

by 1902 (earlier procto-colonoscopy, 1896; colonoscope attested from 1884), from colon (n.2) + -oscopy (see -scope).

colonoscopy co·lon·os·co·py (kō’lə-nŏs’kə-pē)
Examination of the inner surface of the colon by means of a colonoscope. Also called coloscopy.
Inspection of the interior surface of the colon with a flexible endoscope that is equipped to obtain tissue samples and inserted through the rectum.


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