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Harboring prejudice against darker-skinned black persons (1970s+ Black)


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  • Color taste

    color taste n. A form of synesthesia in which taste and color sense are associated and stimulation of either also induces a subjective sensation on the part of the other. Also called pseudogeusesthesia.

  • Color-temperature

    noun, Optics, Photography. 1. a temperature defined in terms of the temperature of a black body at which it emits light of a specified spectral distribution: used to specify the color of a light source.

  • Color therapy

    noun a system of alternative medicine in which colors and their energy frequencies are used to correct psychological or physical imbalances; also called chromopathy , chromotherapy , color healing Examples Color therapy often is a form of chakra healing, correcting color imbalances.

  • Color-transparency

    noun 1. a positive color image photographically produced on transparent film or glass and viewed by transmitted light, usually by projection.

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