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[kuhl-er-lis] /ˈkʌl ər lɪs/

without :
Pure water is colorless.
pallid; dull in :
a colorless complexion.
lacking vividness or distinctive character; dull; insipid:
a colorless description of the parade.
unbiased; neutral.

late 14c., from color (n.) + -less. Figurative sense of “lacking vividness” is recorded from 1861. Related: Colorlessness.


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  • Color-line

    noun 1. Also called color bar. social or political restriction or distinction based on differences of skin pigmentation, as between white and black people. Idioms 2. draw the color line, to observe a color line.

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    sentence I am what is indicated: Color me gone/ Color me ready [1980s+; fr a child’s book in which colors are added to outline drawings]

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